error installing coldbox

They haven’t updated the scaffolded app to be compatible with CB4 yet. The defaults really need to get updated now that 4.0 is officially released.

I think this will take care of pulling down the right stuff with:

box coldbox create app --installColdBoxBE

Or, you can replace your onApplicationStart() with:

public boolean function onApplicationStart(){

application.cbBootstrap = new coldbox.system.Bootstrap( COLDBOX_CONFIG_FILE, COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH, COLDBOX_APP_KEY, COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING );


return true;


I have deleted all directories and tried again. But now I get an error when using ‘box coldbox create app --installColdBoxBE’ the command cannot be resolved.
Thanks for your help,

Make sure you’re up to date with commandbox. I just ran it fine.

upgrade --latest

That did the trick!
Thank you very much for the help,

Sorry, screenshot did not carry through into my email client for some reason.