error loading sample_blog_5

Hi guys I wanted to test out the ORM app simple_blog_5. On the first
load I got this error. I assume it is because of the period at the
beginning of the path to the component. I have heard that the error
messages coming from the ORM in CF9 are cryptic. I have not changed
any settings.

The .model.users.UserService name is not a valid component or
interface name.
Component and interface names cannot be empty and cannot start or end
with a period.


15:22:06.006 - Application Exception - in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Coldbox
\system\ioc\config\Mapping.cfc : line 460
The .model.users.UserService name is not a valid component or
interface name.
Thanks for your help.

murphy, i ran into the same issue. my app is located in the root, so
#appMapwithDots# is an empty value. this leaves the starting dot.
in my coldbox.cfc config i simply removed it.

Hi Daniel, I understand what you are saying, but where do I go to
remove this variable you are speaking about?

Hi Daniel, I see it now. It is in the WireBox.cfc configuration file.
These settings needed to be changed

That removed the period