Error Logging

If this e-mail comes in twice, I apologize. I first sent it at 10:30 am and it has not come through yet.

Hello :slight_smile:

We’ve noticed a strange issue with ColdBox error logging. We’ve had this issue with both 2.6.1 and 2.6.2

In some instances, when we update code in production and reinitialize the framework, something seems to go wrong with the logger plugin. The log file name does not get initialized (it is left blank). Then, when we notice the issue we must initialize the framework again to get logging back online.

We get this (fairly predictible) error in our CF logs:

“Error”,“cfthread-787”,“01/21/09”,“12:02:41”,“COLDBOX.PLUGINS.MTLOGGER.LOGENTRY_FA5BB73FD9600A2D2169064767247208: An error occurred writing the first entry to the log file. The cause of this exception was: D:\logs (Access is denied).
An error occurred when performing a file operation append on file D:\logs.”

As you can see, the log file name is missing from the file path in the last sentence, D:\logs\ should read D:\logs\logfile.log

Any ideas?


Hi Christine,

This issue has been fixed, you may try with latest code-base from SVN.

Please let us know if still any issue of logging.


Thanks for letting us know Sana. Was this recently fixed? Do you
have any details on what changes were made? I am mostly just curious
what the issue was.


Hi Brad,
You may have a quick look at current coldbox progress and fixes info

Logger concurrency issue : Fixed


Concurrency where issues with cfthread and error, so we decided to remove the threading as it makes more headaches than actually solve anything.

Then, I committed a fix where onSessionEnd() would case issues on logging also.

Thank you for the links Sana. I am familiar with the Trac bugs, but
they rarely document the actual problem fixed when closed nor do they
reference the lines of code checked into the repository. That's why I
went ahead and asked on the list.


So Luis, I'm curious-- were these issues actual cfthread bugs that
Adobe will have to fix, or just complications.
I haven't really had a chance to use cfthread myself, and don't know
if I should shy away if you had problems getting it to work right.



Hi Brad,

cfthread is a really nightmare with CF8, We invest so much time in research and implementation but CF threading having internal issues.

Yes, you have a good point on the bugs.

Actually on the changeset browser, the comment, usually has the bug number used to fix. So you might look there, but I need to get better at it.

I think we should start putting resolutions on the bug fixes Sana, what do you think?


I know it's easy to sign someone else up for extra work :slight_smile: but I would
welcome resolutions on the bugs. I agree with the changeset thing.
That's one thing I noticed and liked about jQuery's bug tracker, is
that they link to the changeset when the resolve a ticket. It kicks
butt to be able to just click on the changeset link and see exactly
what changed.