Error Messages: Error loading UDFLibraryFile: helpers/

Hi guys,

Im trying to write helper function I created one file called “CategoryUtil.cfm” file location is “\includes\helpers” my function name is “CategoryLevelChecker” when im called this function in my view page “<cfset includeUDF(‘helpers/CategoryLevelChecker’)>” im getting this error
“Application Execution Exception
Error Type: FrameworkSupertype.UDFLibraryNotFoundException : [N/A]
Error Messages: Error loading UDFLibraryFile: helpers/CategoryLevelChecker
The UDF library was not found. Please make sure you verify the file location.”

That path must be resolvable by cffile, so unless you have a happing called “helpers” that won’t work. Use the path starting in the web root, or use expand path to generate the full path.



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