Error Messages: The event: contentbox-admin:pages.editorID is not valid registered event.

Hi All

Trying to resolve the following error message with this URL: http://–removed—/content/index.cfm/cbadmin/pages/editor/contentID/5

Oops! exception Encountered### Application Execution ExceptionError Type: HandlerService.EventHandlerNotRegisteredException : [N/A]

Error Messages: The event: contentbox-admin:pages.editorID is not valid registered event.

rest of the page is full of debug code, see images.

This happen when in the backend/admin area, the page before was http://–removed—/content/index.cfm/cbadmin/dashboard.

I was clicking a link to edit the page, and all pages are effect in the same way!

Have missed something or read something wrong, what is causing this error and what is needed to resolve it.

Thanking you in advance for further help and insight.

Signed Jason


I would expect that to be running the “editor” action in the “pages” handler of the contentbox-admin module. Can you put a dump/abort in there and reinit to see if that even is even being hit? I’m unclear on if the URL is being incorrectly routed, or if a bad redirect is sending you to an invalid event.

What version of ContentBox are you running.

Also, we have a dedicated Google Group for ContentBox quesions here: Google Groups



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Hi Brad

Thank you for your reply.

As requested,


ContentBox Core
(Codename: Psalm 144:1) v.
ContentBox Admin v.
ContentBox UI v.
ColdBox Platform v.
CF version: 10,0,13,287689 (developer)

I placed the following code in the cfscript:

WriteDump (var=results,output=true,format="html",abort=true);

on the line 120 on pages.cfc found in dir of wwwroot\content\modules\contentbox-admin\handlers

This above made no different, and I tried it a few other locations, with the results been the same problem or a page not showing an error or and other content in the case of trying in application.cfc.

I believe you are correct with the logic of the page not been accessed, is there a way to turn off SES url usage, to debug this further.