Error rendering content variable


I have the following code in my layout:

<div id="sidebar">

This gives me the following error:

Error Type: RequestContext.ValueNotFound : [N/A]
Error Messages: The variable: sideColumn is undefined in the request
collection (private=false)

And from the documentation: "So now, if no content variable exists, an
empty string will be rendered. "

Why am I still getting an error?

The second argument should be defaultValue='' instead of default=''

Hi, that removes the error however it still does not populate the
content variable:

My handler:

  <cffunction name="home" returntype="void" output="false" hint="My
main event">
    <cfargument name="event">
    <cfargument name="rc">
    <cfargument name="prc">
    <cfset prc.sideColumn =
renderView(view='sideColumn',cache=false,cacheTimeout=10) />

    <cfset event.setView("home")>

my layout:
  <div id="sidebar">

sideColumn.cfm is in the views folder. If I just output
#prc.sideColumn# in my view it will work but of course throws an error
if not set in any other handler. I suppose I could default
prc.sideColumn onRequestStart but why all that? Shouldn't this just

The PRC is the private request collection. Unless I missed something you should be able to acomplish your task by changing #event.getValue(name=‘prc.sideColumn’,defaultValue=’’,private=false)# to #event.getValue(name=‘prc.sideColumn’,defaultValue=’’,private=true)#

Aaron Greenlee

Also, remove the prc. as that isn’t needed. event.getValue(name=‘sideColumn’,defaultValue=’’,private=true)