Error running ColdBox V3.1 under ColdFusion 10

Anyone else getting this sort of error in ColdBox and ColdFusion 10?

And yes this application works under CF9.01

Could not find the included template ///system/includes/helpers/ApplicationHelper.cfm.

Note: If you wish to use an absolute template path (for example, template="/mypath/index.cfm") with CFINCLUDE, you must create a mapping for the path using the ColdFusion Administrator. Or, you can use per-application settings to specify mappings specific to this application by specifying a mappings struct to THIS.mappings in Application.cfc.

Using relative paths (for example, template=“index.cfm” or template="…/index.cfm") does not require the creation of any special mappings. It is therefore recommended that you use relative paths with CFINCLUDE whenever possible.

Actually ColdBox 3.5 has this problem as well.

Have raised this as a ColdFusion 10 bug, although I think the workings of CB need to be changed here.

I think this is something that Adobe should fix, I looked at things like

var UDFRelativePath = ExpandPath("/" & variables.controller.getSetting(“AppMapping”) & “/” & arguments.udflibrary);

Works in CF 10 but the following does not


It sort of makes it inconsistent if some of ColdFusion 10 works with ///somepath/dir/file and others do not, and that this also works on previous versions of ColdFusion as well.

I think this bug needs a high priority to get fixed in the first initial release, so I would encourage people to vote for this.

And the bug number is# Bug 3129772

Good point

Good point for which bit?

Still think Adobe needs to fix this too.

If anyone is interested this bug will be fixed by Adobe, as they have confirmed it as a problem with the connector for IIS to Tomcat that they use.

Don’t know if it was fixed but I’m getting similar errors today:

  1. “Could not find the included template //layouts/Layout.Main.cfm.”
  2. “Error building: coldbox.system.plugins.Renderer -> Error loading UDFLibraryFile: includes/helpers/ApplicationHelper.cfm The UDF library was not found. Please make sure you verify the file location. with constructor arguments: {controller={[(Component=coldbox.system.web.Controller)]}}”

Between this and the fact that scheduling daily tasks is blocked because it’s mistakenly considered part of “advanced scheduling support” (Bug 3194817), I’m disappointed in CF10. Going back to 9. Will reassess once they provide some bug fixes or updates.

  • Gabriel

Yea, I thought that was fixed in cf10, weird

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What is the issue?


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