Error: The setting RegisteredHandlers does not exist.

I am getting the following error on my production server using 2.6

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: Framework.SettingNotFoundException : [N/A]
Error Messages: The setting RegisteredHandlers does not exist.
FWSetting flag is false

When I reinit I get a 500 Error:

coldfusion.runtime.EventHandlerException: Event handler exception.
Caused by: java.lang.AbstractMethodError:

This is on a Windows server which I believe is running CF 7.

For good measure here is a link to the full error message:

And here is a link to the full error message when reiniting the fw:


It seems you are running java 6. This is a bug with java 6 classloading. Try switching to java 5 until they release a patch for it.

Just to reiterate, the bug makes CF load super super slow. That is why you are seeing those errors.

Additonal info

How can I convince the hosting company that registerhandlers is an
error resultant from Java 1.6? They are saying that they don't think
it is and do not plan to update Java until JRE 1.7 is released.


Tough one. I had that before, and you basically have to keep refreshing the app until the app loads. I switched to java5 and instead of waiting for over 60 seconds, it loaded in 3-4 seconds. BIIG difference.


This is what the hosting company has said:

[quote]I looked at the article provided, infact I have read that exact
article before but it does not mention the error with
"RegisteredHandlers" only slow startup times for applications that
utilize alot of CFC's. We have no other customers with the issue your
mentioning, however we are aware of the problem that Java has with
slowness, in the current version.

Our plan is to wait until the next version of Java is released then
upgrade. [/quote]

I'm not leaving it at that. I have sent them two more emails
explaining that it is a Java 6 problem and begging them to upgrade to
update 10 beta or roll back to 1.5.


Yes, the default handlers error that CF throws is when it cannot load the classes, and it times out due to the bug.

Tell them that other customers will be happy due to performance increase.

Check Mark Mandel’s blog
Trust me, he knows what he’s talking about!


I told them both what you just said Luis and what you just said Ernst.
I think they were out of the office when I sent the email so hopefully
I will get a response early tomorrow when they get back in.


Otherwise, do you know of any inexpensive shared hosting companies
comparable to what my client is getting (they are non-profit) here
(silver package):



The hosting company complied and has rolled back to 1.5 u15 but I am
still getting an error (different):

I have reinited the app but to no avail. What could be the problem now?

Aaron, it looks like a transfer error.

Luis, I think it’s not Transfer. Transfer reads meta data through coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory.getDataSourceService().getDataSource(dsn).getConnection().getMetaData()

It’s a JDBC mysql error, that’s for sure: DatabaseMetaData.getJDBCMajorVersion()


AHHHHH interesting.

Mark Mandel pointed out that it was an error with the tag
<cfdbinfo .../> and presumes that it may be caused by CF not being
configured with the right MySQL driver (such as MySQL 5 using a MySQL
3 driver).

I've emailed the hosting company asking them to fix it. They
reluctantly rolled back Java from 1.6 to 1.5 and we'll see if this is
asking too much.


Patience brother!!

Good digging!! This was a tough one.

I think the hosting company is using the JDBC mysql 5 driver from mysql and
not the adjusted mysql 4/5 driver from Adobe mm-mysql-jdbc,jar


PS Mark is good!

I mean mysql-connector-java-commercial-5.0.5-bin.jar

The hosting company has fix the problem with the MySQL driver and the
site is now up: