Error updagading to 3.5

I am using setupVariables in loadApplicationVariables and it is in model, which I iject like this

Ok that line is your problem.

If you read the DSL error message it states that it couldn’t find any dependencies, and the name is setupVariables in this case. So either that is not how you inject a model, or the model is not in the standard conventions defined by Coldbox.

I also did ask about your wirebox.cfc and wanted to know what was in there, you posted something with no scanLocations, so I am assuming Luis took care of this if it did not exist that it defaults to an empty array.

So your first port of call is to look at your Coldbox log files, if you have this switched on. If not I highly suggest you define a log in your Coldbox.cfc to use the async file appender, if it is defined then turn the debug console on for your Coldbox application so you can see the logs. I recommend the file appender otherwise it could slow your application to a crawl if you switch on the debug console for Coldbox.

But the problem is that it can’t find the DSL with name setupVariables.

my wirebox looks like this


However, that model file used to work in CB 3.0

Yes when Autowire was part of Coldbox, the inject is different now.

So if you do

And make sure you remove the autowire from interceptors in Coldbox.cfc what happens?