Error upgrading to 2.0.2

Im finally getting back around to playing with Coldbox somemore and
decided to upgrade. I was running version 2.0.0 so I upgraded to 2.0.2
and now Im getting an error when trying to view the dashboard.

The argument DEFAULTVIEW passed to function init() is not of type
If the component name is specified as a type of this argument, the
reason for this error might be that a definition file for such
component cannot be found or is not accessible.

The error occurred in /Applications/JRun4/servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/
cfusion-war/coldbox/system/beans/requestContext.cfc: line 32
Called from /Applications/JRun4/servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/cfusion-
war/coldbox/system/services/requestService.cfc: line 96
Called from /Applications/JRun4/servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/cfusion-
war/coldbox/system/services/requestService.cfc: line 65
Called from /Applications/JRun4/servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/cfusion-
war/coldbox/system/services/exceptionService.cfc: line 38
Called from /Applications/JRun4/servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/cfusion-
war/coldbox/system/coldbox.cfm: line 136
Called from /Applications/JRun4/servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/cfusion-
war/coldbox/dashboard/index.cfm: line 13

30 : <!---
************************************************************* --->
31 : <cfargument name="struct1" type="any" required="true"
hint="Usually the FORM scope">
32 : <cfargument name="struct2" type="any" required="true"
hint="Usually the URL scope">
33 : <cfargument name="DefaultLayout" type="string"
34 : <cfargument name="DefaultView" type="string"

Any thoughts?

Hi Russ,

Did you reinit the framework.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If an upgrade is done, make sure you reinitialize your
applications since they still have old code in memory. You can do this
by invoking the fwreinit=true URL action or just removing the
controller from app scope and recreating it. If all else fails,
restart your Coldfusion engine and you should be good.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Luis. I just bounced CF and that took care of it...

I guess I need more sleep! Its been a rough week...

JEJE. I know!! Hope you like it. 2.0.3 will be out soon. Just fixes
and updates, and some performance boost. I was going to wait for 2.1.0
but some fixes are critical.