error using new cfbuilder extensions

I installed the new cfbuilder extensions released yesterday and
created a new application ; went to call it for the first time and get
an error about 118n.

(Note: i am also pulling the latest coldbox-core from SVN on my dev
machine. I was told that i could do this to keep up better with all
the that
a good idea? ... none of the samples seem to work with the latest
update to HEAD either)

the default config file has all the i18n stuff commented out. am i
doing something wrong?

It seems like reinitializing the framework made this go away.
sorry to trouble....

Can you retrace the steps here so we can try to recreate. I can tell you that we have a pending bug for the samples with the svn code. We have a fix but I have not committed it yet.


Here is my most recent status on the series of bugs that i got:

  1. i sent a follow up email indicating that a reint of the framework solved the issue regarding the 118n bug described below. i believe there is no issue there. so my new application that i set up using the extension painted just fine.

  2. I then did another reint of the framework on the CB samples (in a separate browser window) which gave a new strange error: applicationStartHandler = “Main.onAppInit”.

As the samples do NOT have this handler, i later determined that there was some sort of collision with my other CB app running in another browser. I came across this thread and un checking “caching components” in the cfadmin seem to solve my problem just as John Whish said it did for him.

  1. NOW, that i am passed nr 2. The latest bug i am getting is:


i assume this is the fix that you are talking about committing?

Ok, i got the samples gallery page to paint, but when i clicked on the
hello world example, the errors started all over again:

i added the coldbox.cfc to the helloworld/config folder and commented
and renamed the coflbox.xml to .bak to get past the error:

and now i have come back full circle and am getting the one i
originally posted about:
(none of the other 3.0 projects have anything in the i18n dir....)

Yes. The bug exists because I also need to update all the samples. So that’s my task this week for a m6 release for next week