Event invalid: cbinstaller

Using Commandbox, I set up a new Coldbox site. (Don’t remember exact code, but the Coldbox examples site comes up and continues to come up all the way through the end of this post’s information.)

Next I did the cfconfig export stuff after adding my datasources manually to the Lucee admin so I could see the format (per recent other forum post, thanks, Brad!).

All set up, saved, “server restart”, all good. Did the ContentBox install steps:

Did all the config that should be necessary. Instructions were followed from this Ortus page.

Step 5 indicates:


Immediately I get “The event: cbinstaller is not a valid registered event.” I try all the other formats, with/without index.cfm, with ?event=, etc. Of course I try reinit and later server restart.

I see that the contentbox-installer-module entry point is indeed “cbinstaller”. Part of what confuses me, though, is that the contentbox-installer-module folder is sitting in my site root. It’s not in /modules or /modules_app as one might expect.

I tried adding both of these lines (one at a time, of course) to my coldbox config file:

modulesExternalLocation  : ["contentbox-installer-module"],
modulesExternalLocation  : [expandPath("/contentbox-installer-module")],

Neither resolved the issue after reinit or server restart.

I feel like I’m missing something here. Some step I should’ve done.

My intent is indeed, to use a /blog and/or other paths for ContentBox, ultimately, in case that’s a factor, but I haven’t done the Step 6 yet from the instructions. We can see from the first screenshot above that none of the Contentbox pieces (installer, core, UI, deps) are showing as loaded modules, only HTMLHelper.

@gpickin Do you have any insight on using the contentbox installer module?

I tried a completely other thing to set this up, and had no luck with it. I’ll post in a separate post, though.

Why don’t you just do a normal ContentBox install instead of this manual approach?

Luis: I did. With "contentbox install-wizard", no dice on either MSSQL or MySQL - #3 by MichaelBorn