event.renderData XML Converter

I have a struct like this

response = {}
response.status = "ok";
response.message = "";
response.data = {a nested structure with properties and values}

Now when I use event.renderData and pass in type="xml" and xmlRootName="response" - the XmlRootName only gets applied to the main XML root element.

response.data still gets converted as


Is there a way to get rid of this "<struct>" in nested XML paths ? As obviously as you can see, I could end up with too many <struct>'s here


The problem is that the only XML serialization standard is wddx which is bulky. Our XML parser is just a way to achieve it to save on bandwidth. However the problem arises when you want multiple XML nodes. At one point we had it where the passed root traversed the entire document.

Ideas are welcomed

Hi Luis,

So if I was to change the behaviour of how event.renderData() works - ie basically not using the XMLConverter plugin that it uses and instead write my own XMlConverter util.....what is the best way to do that?

Should I be writing my own RequestContextDecorator and overriding renderData() function?


That is the best way to do it I think. Would be to setup a RequestContextDecorator.


To me that would be the easiest.