event.setLayout to create pdf using bootstrap modal

This might be slightly off topic but maybe someone else ran into this issues.

I’m using a bootstrap modal window in an attempt to display a pdf. I’m basically setting the layout and my layout contains cfdocument to format the view. This works fine in a normal browser window but if this is inside a bootstrap modal what I get is the pdf binary stream. If I wrap the view in an iframe it resolves the issue but that causes me some other headaches because I’m planning to use interactive PDFs. Anyone have advice for PDFs in a bootstrap modal? Is my setLayout using cfdocument the best approach?

you can use render view with type=“pdf"

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Did you ever get this worked out? I’m trying to do the exact same thing here, and cannot figure it out.

Let me know.
Thank you.


My only work around was to use an iFrame. I don’t really like it but it worked. Creates unnecessary views which adds to my troubleshooting steps.