Event Variable & Form/URL Precedence Question

I would like to post a question to the group.

Would an event variable be a good idea? What is this you say? Well,
ColdBox has an "event" url/form variable that holds the event to be
executed. Will it be good to be able to make that word "event"
something you like. For example: "do=", "e=" Etc.

What are your thoughts? Would this be useful??

Second questions. Would a scope preference be useful. Right now, URL
has precedence over FORM. Would you find useful to change this
precedence. Would it be for an application or for an entire coldbox

What are your thoughts?

I have not found uses for these properties. But, what do you think?


I think there's nothing wrong to keep event=ehhaha

Is there possibilty to have an config.xml.cfm setting where user can
change the event name.
for example
<setting name = "event" value="event">
new style
<settting name ="event" value="do">

might some users like to have different than event.


URL, FORM preference, again I am thinking to have <setting
name="ScopePrerence" ="FORM/URL">.


I think for sake of being flexible, there should be somewhere in a
configuration file that could be used to override the name of the
event variable; although I don't see many people being in the position
to need to change this variable.

The same thing applies to the url/form precedence. However, I would
hate to see the config.xml file keep growing with settings that I
don't care to change. This is kinda getting away from the question,
but I think that there should be a main config.xml file (maybe on the
coldbox/system dir) from which all other applications inherit, so that
each individual application would only need to define the entries that
really need to change instead of having to cut an paste much of it. I
think a good framework should help you do the things you want without
getting on the way, and having to deal with large config.xml files is
certainly "getting on the way".


I think URL/FORM preference should be in config.xml.cfm
<setting name="precedence" value="URL">
so anybody can change to form or url.