ExceptionHandler execution


I've setup an event handler to handle my exceptions, well when I
define my exception handler in my config, I still get the "Oops!"
page. the framework is executing my view I've setup, but I cannot get
it to hit my custom event handler...

I read on S.Corfields blog about redirecting, but I'm not to sure why
I would have too. shouldn't I be able to define what handler/action to
hit on any exception?

what Im I doing wrong?


ColdBox 2.6.3

well the framework must be hitting my handler (cause it's executing my
view) but I don't see my layout, etc...

any thoughts?

My 2 cents: redirect [Not being a smart @ss]

If an exception occurs, hijacking the current view will keep the user
on that same handler/action which is not functional at the moment so
why keep them there?

Instead, I have my exception handler handle all logic that I need to
handle my exception, then, if in production, it redirects to a
"something went wrong" handler/action that is guaranteed to be
displayed as it doesn't have any dependencies on anything other than a
functional framework to display it.

- Gabriel


figured my issue out, I had my custom action named onError, in which I
assume the framework was freaking out... althought I thought the
onError event wasn't until Coldbox 3.0?

anyway I got it. do not name it onError!


ok would there be any reason why my bugReports are not getting sent.

    <!--The event handler to execute on all framework exceptions. Event
Handler syntax required.-->
    <Setting name="ExceptionHandler" value="main.onException" />
    <!--What event to fire when an invalid event is detected-->
    <Setting name="onInvalidEvent" value="exceptions.notFound" />
    <!--Full path from the application's root to your custom error page,
else leave blank. -->
    <Setting name="CustomErrorTemplate" value="" />
    <!--The Email address from which all outgoing framework emails will
be sent. -->
    <Setting name="OwnerEmail" value="" />
    <!-- Enable Bug Reports to be emailed out, set to true by default if
left blank
      A sample template has been provided to you in includes/
    <Setting name="EnableBugReports" value="true"/>

  <!--Emails to Send bug reports, you can create as many as you like --


is there anything else I need to setup to receive bug reports via
email. does this feature work in 2.6.3? Or do I have to write this
myself in my exception handlers?


Looks like you don't have an email address set to send the bug reports from.

<Setting name="OwnerEmail" value="" />

Since From is required for SMTP, I'm guessing that this would fail validation.