Facebook integration issues

Anyone here doing any Facebook development with ColdBox and using a redirection from the server on a Canvas page in Facebook.

The issue is this, it will work if I do the following.

  1. Use JS to redirection using the top.location.href
  2. If I browse the App from the Apps URL

However if I try to do a cflocation or location in script, then the page will be blank when the browser goes to render the returned data. But this is blocked with the directive.

  1. x-frame-options:

I even went as far as to display the loginUrl so one can click it and it also fails. So I am guessing this is to stop click hijacking, but surely this directive should work.

In IIS Web Config I have added the following as this is what seems to be required, but this doesn’t seem to be working either. So now I am stuck, it is prefered to do the redirection from the server as running the JS to do a redirection is just not something I think is ideal.


Andrew Scott
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