feature request

I’m not sure if this has been asked before but would it be possible to get a Forgebox Private Locker? i.e. the ability to upload code to forgebox and have it privately hosted so I can add modules & module dependencies privately to my app? perhaps behind some kind of API key in command box where I could set once and have access to all my private entries? I’d even be willing to pay a monthly hosting fee for this -$10-$15/month with plans going up from there depending on space/usage. It would also be nice to be able to upload these private modules directly to forgebox via commandbox.

anyways i know that might be a weird thought but I am totally loving commandbox and having the ability to have code hosted in a location where I can deploy it to another app and keep them managed by commandbox would be very handy to me.


You are absolutely right. I am planning that for the next iteration of ForgeBox. We will offer two things:

  1. Private hosted directory entries for a monthly plan

  2. A direct download of ForgeBox Pro, which you would have to deploy wherever you want.

sweet! i’m game!

Just as an FYI here are the plans currently in motion:

  1. Migrate ForgeBox to new server clustered farm - DONE

  2. Add Couchbase distributed caching to ForgeBox - DONE

  3. Migrate ForgeBox to ORM from Transfer - In Progress

  4. Deploy ForgeBox to www.forgebox.io instead of ColdBox site - In Progress

  5. ForgeBox 2.0 → Allow multiple versions, json only API, user tokens, company tokens, private repositories

  6. ForgeBox Pro Commercial Module.

Also super keen on having this before we build Preside Extension manager using Forgebox. Keep up the awesome work, great to see the roadmap :slight_smile:

Upvote on this, especially self-hosted repository…