flash.putAll() not working in CB3 beta 3

In a handler, I have this code (stripped down) in a form handler

errors = formBean.validate();

if( arraylen(errors) ){
       persistKeys = {errors = errors, formbean = formbean};
       flash.putAll( persistKeys );
       setNextEvent( "page.vwForm" );
      (code to process form...)

So if there are errors in the form submission, I'm persisting the
errors array and the formbean in the flash before relocating back to
the form. However, my errors array and formbean are not being
persisted. (This code worked fine on beta 2). If I put them in the rc
and use flash.perisistRC(), I can get it to work. But it seems like
flash.putAll() isn't working. I'm testing on Railo 3.1 on Mac OS X.

I found the bug in the putAll() function (AbstractFlashScope.cfc, line
161). The call to the put() function is missing the saveNow argument.
so change:




Everything works as it should now.


You are absolutely right Tony. This has been reworked and patched on SVN. These patches will go into Friday’s beta 3 updated release.

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