Flash RAM question

Are there are any sample apps that show examples of creating web flows/
conversations? I can't seem to get it quite right. I'm trying to
figure out which to use, either the keep() or the flash.put() methods
to pass variables between my steps in my wizard.

I have this flow in my handler:

step 1 - dspStepOne

process step 1 - processStepOne

step 2 - dspStepTwo

process step 2 - processStepTwo

step 3 - dspStepThree

If I have a form field on dspStepOne, and the user submits the page to
my processing function in my handler called "processStepOne" that
redirects them to step 2. They fill out a few form fields on step 2
and hit submit and goes to my processing page "processStepTwo" which
redirects to Step 3.

So my question is, how can I ensure all the form variables from step 1
AND step 2 are available on Step 3 without using the session scope
directly. I'm trying to use the flash RAM to do this, but not sure
how to pass the variables all the way through.

Maybe I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be.

Keep can take in a lists of variables to keep. You can have an interceptor that helps you with this

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Thanks for the reply.

I ended up just setting autoPurge = false and that seemed to help. I
will look into using an interceptor as well, I'm just not too familiar
with them.