Flex Remoting with Mapped Framework Files

I have a simple Flex application that I am attempting to use to call a
service using a proxy in ColdBox.

The application resides in a folder called swizDemoColdBox that is
sitting at webroot. I have my appMapping set to "/swizDemoColdBox" in
Application.cfc and and to "swizDemoColdBox" in Coldbox.cfc.

I am also using mappings in Application.cfc for the ColdBox and
ColdSpring framework files:

<cfset this.mappings["/coldbox"] = expandPath("_frameworks/coldbox")>
<cfset this.mappings["/coldspring"] = expandPath("_frameworks/

My proxy CFC looks like this:

<cfcomponent name="FlexProxy" output="false"

  <cffunction name="execute" output="false" access="remote"
returnType="any" hint="This method executes all service methods for
the Flex application.">
    <cfargument name="cfc" required="true" />
    <cfargument name="method" required="true" />
    <cfargument name="paramStruct" required="true" />

    <cfset var results = "" />
    <cfset var service = "" />

    <cfmail to="someEmailAddress@example.com"
from="args@coldboxexample.com" subject="Execute Args" type="html">
      <cfdump var="#arguments#" />

    <!--- Set the event to execute --->
    <cfset arguments.event = arguments.cfc & "." & arguments.method />

    <cfset StructAppend( arguments , arguments.paramStruct , true ) />
    <cfset StructDelete( arguments , "paramStruct" ) />

    <!--- Call to process an event --->
    <cfset results = super.process( argumentCollection = arguments ) />

    <cfreturn results />


When my Flex application calls the execute method, I receive a fault
and none of the code in the method runs (as I do not receive an
email). The fault I receive is "Unable to invoke CFC - Could not find
the ColdFusion Component or Interface

The ColdboxProxy CFC exists in _frameworks/coldbox/system/remote/
which I believed ColdBox would have been able to find due to the
mappings set in Application.cfc.

Can anybody provide some insight on my issue?


It might be the expand path as the root of the call is in the flex remoting. That seems like a suspect because all looks good.

You're exactly right. I put the proxy.cfc at webroot and hardcoded
the path for the parent component and everything worked as expected.

Thank you so much!