Flickr Module


I am currently working on a Flickr module for ContentBox. I have several features I’m already working on, but before I wrap up my initial planning and development, I wanted to see if there is anyone would have use of such a module, and if there are any additional features that you think would be useful for such a thing. Here are some ideas I’m already working on:

  • Add photos from Flickr to posts and pages via content editor
  • CKEditor plugin for selecting image from Flickr repo- Gallery Widgets
  • Gallery from Flickr collections (sets, tags, etc.)
  • Ad-hoc gallery from selected images- Multi-user support

If you have thoughts about these features, or have ideas for something not on this list, please let me know!


Sounds good.

As far as the galleries are concerned it would be nice if we could select different gallery display types. For example

Thumbnail grid with a light box for enlarging.
Image slider which scrolls through the images in the gallery.
Or just insert as an image at a specified size.

Kind regards,



Thanks for the feedback! The two gallery types you mentioned are on my list. I still have to pick out a slider gallery to integrate, so if you have any suggestions of lightweight, minimalist ones, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks again!


Also, would you be willing to help test this as I get closer with it?

Slimbox 2 is pretty good and very lightweight at only 4kb.

And yeah I’d be happy to help with testing.


Hi Guys, it would be nice to build in some hooks so when ContentBOx goes to multi-domain the plugin can handle it.


George Murphy

Hey George–can you expand on that? Thanks!

Yes, ContentBox is going to be able to handle multiple web sites at some point. The module would need to be segregated from other sites. Luis can probably shed more light on this.


George Murphy

Ok, so sounds like more related to general module dev than this specific one, but I’ll definitely take a look into it–thanks!