Form Builder

Hey folks,

I have a requirement for a form builder tool for a standard ColdBox application (non ContentBox). For the CB experts, how feasible would it be to try and implement a ContentBox module into a not ContentBox app?



Very easy…

But the thing to remember is that it wont run without ColdBox, so the trick would be to do a SaaS scenario, where you can then hit the request and return the information that is needed.

Okay. What if I’m using Coldbox? Just drop it in the modules directory and add it to my routes?


That depends if you write it as a module to begin with, but yeah…


It shouldn’t be to hard to convert it over to be used without ContentBox. It is just a ColdBox module at its core with a few ContentBox hooks in it that you would need to refactor. Can you drop it in and work – no, can you modify it to work with minimal effort – yes.