form collection interceptor

I know you guys did a Coldbox connection a few days ago relating to the form collection utils plugin/interceptor – I missed it unfortunately.

I’m not sure if you covered this or not, but one issue I have is that the standard Colbox error page really doesn’t agree with it – I get: “Can’t cast Complex Object Type Struct to String”, “Use Built-In-Function “serialize(Struct):String” to create a String from Struct” when I submit something and there’s an error. It’s obvious why there’s an error, but is there a handy way around that? How do others deal with it?



Hi Tom,

I have attached form-collection Interceptor . Please try and let us know if there any problem

coldbox.cfc config

// FormUtilities Interceptor adds keys to the request collection
{ class=“interceptors.FormUtilities”, name=“FormUtilities” }

FormUtilities.cfc (8.08 KB)