Framework Initialization/Configuration Exception


I have a Coldbox app that was recently moved from CF8 to CF9.01
environment. In te CF8 environment it worked fine but in the new
environment I get an error as soon as I request the page:

I get

Is this ColdBox 2.6.4?

Andrew Scott

Should have included this info:

I run this app on CF9.01,
Transfer 1.1
Coldbox v 2.6.3


I just went through this myself with my host, ColdBox 2.6.4 and under will
not run, JavaLoader will throw an exception when the disabled internal
ColdFusion components is checked. However ColdBox 3.0 runs perfect with

Andrew Scott

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I guess you mean the option "Disable access to internal ColdFusion
Java components". It is indeed checked on the shared host. But it was
running on CF8, probably that option was checked there as well...

Anyway I will move to CB 3.0.