Function argument mismatch


I've started a new Coldbox application using the 'Advanced' template
included in the document stack. Also using Coldbox 3.1.0 as the base
system. When firing up the app for the first time, I get the error
below. Restarting CF doesn't help. Disabling Wirebox results in a
'variables BINDER undefined' error. Can anyone assist?

Function argument mismatch.

The process function does not specify the same arguments or arguments
in the same order in the coldbox.system.ioc.dsl.ColdBoxDSL ColdFusion
component and the coldbox.system.ioc.dsl.IDSLBuilder ColdFusion

The error occurred in /..(omitted)../coldbox/system/ioc/Builder.cfc:
line 32
Called from /..(omitted)../coldbox/system/ioc/Injector.cfc: line 141
Called from /..(omitted)../coldbox/system/ioc/Injector.cfc: line 92
Called from /..(omitted)../coldbox/system/web/services/
LoaderService.cfc: line 159
Called from /..(omitted)../coldbox/system/web/services/
LoaderService.cfc: line 77
Called from /..(omitted)../coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 71
Called from /..(omitted)../coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 454
30 : // Do we need to build the coldbox DSL namespace
31 : if( instance.injector.isColdBoxLinked() ){
32 : instance.coldboxDSL =
createObject("component","coldbox.system.ioc.dsl.ColdBoxDSL").init( arguments.injector );
33 : }
34 : // Is CacheBox Linked?