FW/1's unhandledPaths eqv in ColdBox?

One thing I miss from FW/1 in CB is unhandledPaths in the framework
config, so I can quickly add a test.cfm with cfdump's to test
something quick.

see: Configuring FW/1 Applications -

Does Coldbox already have something like that that I am not aware of?


The same setting does not exist as far as I know. However, it would be very easy to duplicate similar behavior. Create a “scribble” handler with a method called “index”. You could either map that event to a specific .cfm or use CB’s implicit view capabilities.


For implicit views…

Jason Durham

Actually that exists for quite a while. Virtual events. I did a demo of it in the connection

Just drop a file in your views and the name of it is the virtual event created for you.

Remember that if the event doesn’t exist it will look for that view, so you can just create that file for your scribble.


Andrew Scott