Geek setting dump variable

In the geek settings section of contentbox there are some variable dumped:

Is this a bug on my install ?

I’m on railo 4

Nope, I think Luis added that so that people can see what each actually holds at that point in time. Personally I think it needs some work, but I would say intentional.


However I was trying to report bug on official bug tracking on without success.

Is this closed to unofficial members? or I do need some registrations?

I believe you should be able to submit an issue. Did you receive an error message?

If you aren’t able to submit, please let me know the details and I’ll be happy to post it for you.


I try to login using my google account and browser prompt me to another login from ortus solution asking for account and password…

Sorry that is confusing-- you can’t log in with a google account. I gives that prompt because Luis has JIRA tied to his Google Ortus Solutions account and that’s how our accounts are associated. Only Google accounts associated with Luis’s Ortus Solutions company can use that feature. Unfortunately, we can’t turn off that link on the site. :confused:

You CAN sign up, but you just need to register as a new user. Just click the “Create an account” link under the comment form and you’ll be good to go.



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