General question, multi lingual sites and clustered environment


just watched the video and downloaded the code, looks great so far. Two questions

  • Are there any tools for multi lingual sites (something like related content, structure for one language would be mapped to another language)?
  • How to deploy Content Box in a clustered environment (Cache cleaning in all nodes, etc)?



Thanks gunnar

Or localization right now we have not finalized related content links. But have that as a ticket. I have not taken a stab at localization because there are no standards only best practices so I have been hesitant to decide on an approach. As of now you can hierarchically create language pages like this


To relate them that is where we will need to finalize now. However you can use custom fields to define other translations so your ui could use that to create links to the other related language pages.

2 for clustering this is really easy. First you need to set up your clustered cache. What will you use?

Once that is set you need to add it’s configuration to your CacheBox.cfc configuration. Then restart the app via the ContentBox admin and go to settings and change the content and rss cache providers to the one you registered.

That’s it. Now you all your content is cluster aware.

I forgot to mention that all features of approved can be sponsored. We also can help you setup cluster caches and awareness.

Wow, that was a quick reply, thanks!

We have a few upcoming projects and it’s not finally decided which CMS will be used. We used Mura in our latest projects, but I don’t like that Mura takes control over the application. So ContentBox seems perfect,
but depends a bit on the Railo fixes. If we decide to go with ContentBox I could offer help with the localization.

For caching we use clustered Terracotta, Matze has sent additions to Cachebox. So this should be easy.

As of now we have only 1 issue with Railo dealing with rss feed generation and they are fixing as we speak. So it should be certified for Railo sooner than we think.

As for the cluster cache then that is super easy. Just make sure it is defined in the config then and change in the settings. That’s it. Then ContentBox becomes cluster aware.