getColdboxOCM() NotFound

In my onAppInit I have:
<cfset var ArtGateWay = CreateObject
("component","cbartgallery.model.artGateway") />
<cfset getColdboxOCM().set("ArtGateway",artGateway)>
and I can see the object in the coldbox cache. All well and good.

and then in my general event handler I have

<cfset var artGateway = getColdboxOCM().get("artGateway) />

and cfdumping artGateway returns "_NOTFOUND_".What am I doing wrong? I
followed the example in cbCachingExample..

The OCM is cAsE sEnSiTiVe. So if you’re setting the variable as ArtGateway, you must also retrieve it as ArtGateway, since artGateway and ArtGateway are not the same.


Thanks Matt that was it. I don't see where thats documented though.