Getting current page URL within a Model

Hi all,

I have some code running through a model that executes before the page
loads (the model handles some basic setup functions, etc.)

In the code of that model, I want to get the URL of the page being
called. I don't want to use CGI variables, so I want to use
GetPageContext().GetRequest().GetRequestUrl(). But I am getting errors
when I try to call that value within the component.

I am pretty sure that this is because this value is generated from the
request scope, which may not be available yet because the page hasn't
loaded. So is there a way that I can get this value from within the

Thanks in advance!


Where is this model being executed? An interceptor? on request start handler?
If so, why not pass it in? If not, why not create a URLFacade that can detect this for you and inject it into the utility.

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