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I’am evaluating a CFML based CMS for our future projects. Actually I’m creating a site with a different Open Source CMS and i ran in troubles related to documentation, samples and a missing living community. Reverse Engineering of the code and working with the API ist the only way to get it work. This needs unbelivable amount of time and sets the frustration level to emergency.

How is this with ContentBox?

  • I discovered so far the API-Documentation only.
  • The documentation is not yet there, the only thing is see ist a text called “placeholder”.
  • Using some downloaded themes, e.g. the bootstrap theme, gives an impression how to do things.
  • I can watch some movies about ContentBox.

Do i miss something? I think, i might be hard to get into ContentBox right now.


Hi Martin,

contentbox videos, documentations

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your comments. A little history for you. ContentBox started almost a year ago and was made publicly in August of last year. We have bee testing lots of performance, core functionality and I believe our next release 1.2 currently in development finally puts ContentBox in a position where I can finally feel comfortable to start a push on documentation, videos and marketing.

ContentBox is still early in its lifecycle and having experienced users like yourself is a great asset to us as you can direct the project early from its beginnings. We are definitely grateful for the folks that have helped us from our infancy and are seeing the incredible potential of ContentBOx due to its MVC and Modular approach. We have an incredible amount of feedback and collaboration and activity, just check out our Jira repo and github repo.

You can definitely expect an incredibly amount of help from us in these forums as we need for ContentBox to mature and grow a community now. I am starting a huge documentation push this March as 1.2 is almost ready for prime-time. And as you know, I love documentation and our COldBox documentation is the best in the industry. I have some books planned, online courses and also on-site courses as well.

So overall, I would say that your input is invaluable to us and your participation would take ContentBox a long way as you will be able to shape its future alongside us. I hope you can take a serious look at our technology and how we stand out due to our modular architecture, scalability and MVC approach to content.

Luis Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Hello Luis,

Many thanks for your quick answer. Don’t get me wrong, my post was no critism.
I’m a bit sensible right now after spending way too much time digging in undocumented code of the cms which i’m working right now, kinda frustration too :wink:
Maybe you’re familiary with the situation, asking something in a forum and you never get an answer :wink:

I interrupted my work with “the other” cms bulding a private site as a proof of implementation with the idea to get your cms up and running.

No problems at all my friend. We are keen on answering and helping.

Also we need feedback and criticism to grow, expand and take over the world. That’s my goal!!

Luis Majano
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Hi Martin,

Many thanks,