Getting two emails

I am testing a new email object I am creating

in the event home I am putting this code and it is emailing me on the doSend() but I am getting two emails.

rc.EmailMessage = new;

Is there a ColdBox setting that causes it to fire an event twice?

I am in my development mode with

coldbox.debugMode = true;
coldbox.handlerCaching = false;
coldbox.eventCaching = false;
coldbox.debugPassword = “”;
coldbox.reinitPassword = “”;
coldbox.handlersIndexAutoReload = false;
coldbox.configAutoReload = false;

Any guesses?

Not sure why but it was only happening in the default event. I don’t need an answer as I doubt I will send and email in the default event anyway. So I am all good.

I am guessing that something is calling this event twice in your application.