Getting wirebox to provide debugging information

Apologies in advance if this question has come up before and has
already been answered before. I'm developing a site using CB 3.1 and
have quite a bit of DI going on using wirebox. The more stuff I have
wired in the slower the site has become and I think the problem is
with wirebox, or more specifically how I'm using it. I would like to
get some debugging information out of wirebox using logbox, which I
already have configured. Is there something specific I need to add to
the logbox config to get the debugging info from wirebox. My logbox
config is:

  logBox = {
      // Define Appenders
      appenders = {
        coldboxFile = {
      // Root Logger
      root = { levelmax="DEBUG", appenders="*" },
      // Implicit Level Categories
      info = [ "coldbox.system" ]

Your logging category of info = [ “coldbox.system” ] is saying that any logging coming from the “colbox.system” package and below will have a max logging level of info. This means that all debug logging from the ColdBox framework is turned of since WireBox hails from “coldbox.system.ioc”. Either change that line to debug or just comment it out since debug is the highest level of logging.

Note: Unlike Log4J where “higher” logging levels are more severe and “lower” logging levels are more benign, LogBox has it reversed where debug is the “highest” and fatal is the “lowest”. We talked about changing it once, but never got around to is since it would break everyone’s existing configs.




That did it, thanks so much!