gocontentbox.org layout

Hey Luis,

I was wondering if you might be posting the layout that you use for gocontentbox.org in forgebox? I think it would be a great learning for newbies to see how you integrated it into contentbox. Also, is the rotating banner on the homepage a contentbox widget?



Luis, paid for that theme and modified it for their use.

Creating layouts (Themes) is not that difficult compared to creating new themes for anything else, it is just understanding how to display the widgets, or provide all the interception points in the right places etc.

And in answer to your question, I would say yes as it would be a perfect fit for a widget.

Nolan, I cannot share it since the license for the HTMl design is for us only, so I can’t really share it. However, I can go over it in a ContentBox connection?


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I did customization before. If you would have a design, I can apply easily.