Handlers External Location

I’ve created the external location for handlers. I know there is a setting in config Where I need to specify ExternalHandler location. Do I need to create a mapping in the cfAdmin?

Thank you

Hi Erik,

The setting is within the configure() function of Coldbox.cfc

handlersExternalLocation = “/common/handlers/”,

I went the route of creating a mapping in cfadmin but you might also be able to create an application mapping so that it is local to your codebase. In the above example the mapping would be called “common” and would point to the external location.


Thank you fpr response. What I did is . I created a Virtual directory in IIS. I this will be still OK

IIS Virtual Directorys and Apache Aliases should be avoided as they are not thread safe.

Curt Gratz

Computer Know How

+1. I would avoid aliases and virtual directories and use a cf mapping.

Nolan Dubeau

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Also I get an Error in interceptors.# Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface interceptors.

The interceptors are shared code.

Can you post your interceptors config?



I got it to work by creating a mapping in CFAdmin

Great to hear Erik.

Nolan Dubeau

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