Handlers in subfolders?


I'm thinking about creating some sub folders under my "handlers"
directory. Is this unheard of? If possible, can someone let me know

1. How to reference the handlers if they are in sub-folders?

2. Is there any changes I need to make in Coldbox.cfc? Right now I
just use the default handlers folder, but I want to separate things
out a bit. I'm not looking to use modules so I thought this may work.


Nope, there is nothing special todo and this is probably even a best practice.

The main thing to know is that your event syntax to call the events from handlers in packages (sub-folders) is like below


Curt Gratz
Computer Know How

This does seem to work as you've suggested, but now my URLS look like


I guess that's ok, and not that serious, but I guess this could be
solved by adding code to the "Routes.cfm"?

Yes. Routes.cfm can map your old urls to the new structure.