I have a multi coldbox-sites setup where I have the handlers in an
external shared location since there are used by several sites


in Coldbox.cfc for SiteA I have

handlersExternalLocation = "coldbox.apps.sites.handlers"

with a mapping to ColdBox in CFadmin. Actually that setup works, but
when I start CFserver and the first request it get a timeout error for
cfdirectory :

"The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: cfdirectory
The error occurred ....\coldbox\system\services\HandlerService.cfc:
line 410"

after I reload, the startup is very slow but without timeout. When I
put the five handlers in 'default' location in '/wwwroot/siteA/
handlers' loading seems to be much faster.

at the moment I can see whats wrong with the configuration. Any ideas?

I think you are confusing the mappings because coldbox is the root namespace of the framework. Unless you are adding all those coldbox.apps.sites.handlers to the root namespace, this might just be asking for trouble.

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I do this for many sites.

Setup a mapping for ‘shared’ and then set your external location to ‘shared/coldbox/apps/sites/handlers’. You may need a ‘/’ before shared. I can’t recall.