Hanging <cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="true">


This one has me a bit baffled, and I can’t seem to find the culprit.

ONLY on Application start does this occur:

  • Runs when ColdFusion receives the first request for a page in the application.
    public boolean function onApplicationStart()
    //Load ColdBox

return true;

Whenever I run onApplicatonStart() there is a hanging enablecfoutputonly=“true” around somewhere in the loadColdBox() code, as I only get display of items that are inside

I can’t seem to find where it is though.

If I comment out the ‘loadColdBox()’, I don’t have the issue.

Any ideas?

ColdBox SVN.


Found it :slight_smile:

InterceptorService - processState()

The test:
// Is ColdBox Inited and ready to serve requests?
if ( not controller.getColdboxInitiated() ){

When that fails, it leaves the cfsetting open.


ticketed and fixed on svn.
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