Having trouble creating an interceptor

Hi all,

I am using CB 3.0.0 RC1 and am trying to create an interceptor so that
I can load server-specific settings.

In config/Coldbox.cfc, in the interceptors array, I added the

      configFile = "config/environments.xml.cfm",
      fireOnInit = "false"

The environments.xml.cfm file is present and properly constructed. I'm
getting this error message:

    component [coldbox.system.web.loader.CFCApplicationLoader] has no
function with name [GETJSONUTIL]

Am I structuring something incorrectly? In the code above I also tried
fireOnIt = false (without the quotes around false) but am getting
the same message.



If you’re using Coldbox.cfc config (script instead of XML) then you don’t want to use the environmentControl interceptor. Here’s the wiki page: