Help needed with referencing external models

I am running Coldbox 3.1 on a local WindowsXP machine running CF9. I am going to be building multiple Coldbox apps and want to have a centralized location for some of the models that the apps will all need. But I’ve been unable to call any of these models. Here’s what I’ve done:

My web root looks like this:

  • app1
  • app2
  • sharedstuff

In app1.config.Coldbox.cfc I did this:

modelsExternalLocation = “sharedstuff.model”,

I also tried this:

modelsExternalLocation = “D:\Programs\Coldfusion9\wwwroot\sharedstuff\model”,

In app1.model.User.cfc, I have this:

component name=“User” {

property name=“sharedUser” type=“model” scope=“instance”;

public struct function getUser(){
var user = instance.sharedUser.getGlobalUser();
return user;


My assumption is that since I have specified the external location, that the property call to sharedUser should work since Coldbox would look in the external location for sharedUser.cfc. But that doesn’t seem to be happening.

The error I get is:

Element SHAREDUSER is undefined in a Java object of type class [Ljava.lang.String;.

Any help will be much appreciated!