Hibernate SQL Log Settings

In my Application.cfc, I have logSQL set to true, and according to ACF documentation, the log4j.properties file can be modified to alter the details that gets logged. I am assuming Hibernate uses Log4J on Railo too, but I am unable to find the properties file that would allow me to alter the logging details. Could anyone point me to the direction of this configuration for Railo within CommandBox?

Using Railo within CommandBox will be no different than using Railo in general. I would recommend asking on the Railo list. I’ve enabled logSQL before and I think it just went to my servlet’s “out” log, but I’ve honestly never played with the log4j settings in Railo.

I am seeing just what you mentioned as far as the SQL being written to the servlet’s log file, but from what I am gathering, there’s more information that Hibernate can log, such as when events are triggered, etc, which is what I am also hoping to log. I’ll check with them to see what can be configured.