Hostek - Commandbox and Coldbox

Does anybody use Hostek for hosting? I want to use commandbox with coldbox and various modules but I can’t seem to get a good answer vis a vis the licencing.

If I use coldbox to install CF2021 at what point do I have to put in the licencing code? Is it good enough to have CF2021 installed on the machine, as you would have with a normal Windows CF VPS?

Any help much appreciated!



@Eggely Since the CommandBox method of deploying Adobe servers ( as well as Lucee ) is a J2EE WAR deployment, Adobe’s licensing only allows Enterprise licenses when deploying that way. You would not be able to use a standard license key in production - you will receive an error message.

If you have an Enterprise license, then licensing is solid. We have many clients ( as well as others ) that deploy Adobe servers this way, with full support, using CommandBox.

See this recent post for more information: Is Using CommandBox to run Adobe ColdFusion sites safe in production - #4 by FMancardiGmail

Thanks for the information - I did a search but I missed this!

All the VPS’s that have coldfusion in Hostek are enterprise licensed so I should be fine.

I’m on route to Lucee/Coldbox but need to go to CF2021 first and am trying to make sure that I’m not repeating work!


I am interested in how you will obtain that serial number from Hostek, will you request that support enter it for you?