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Hi guys,

A couple of questions about customizing ContentBox.

Let’s say I wanted to start building out some applications or even modules to integrate into a site - i.e job board / apply for job online, or case studies, etc. How is that achieved within contentbox?

Also, let’s say I wanted to use contentbox to build out a corporate website, and that website has a protected area - i.e account admin, and rules to protect the admin folder(s) or specific routes from being accessed unless someone was logged in. Is that possible?

Lastly, it would be awesome if contentbox was able to do multiple sites like BlogCFC is capable of doing. Is that in the roadmap at all?

Thanks. Loving this so far.

P.S. who’s all going to CFObjective? Luis you going?


Hi Nolan,

First, to clarify, ContentBox isn’t a standalone application by itself, it is just a set of modules that are included inside a normal ColdBox application to extend its functionality to be a content management system. That means you can do anything you could do in a normal ColdBox app within an site that contains ContentBox. You can use handlers, models, interceptors, plugins, layouts, views and even other modules (such as a job board, etc) in conjunction with ContentBox, as it is only a module of the site (which happens to, by default, intercept the default route /). There are entry point settings within the modules that can be modified to fit your needs, but ContentBox is, itself, just a module that runs inside a normal ColdBox application.

Regarding your second question, ColdBox has a very robust security implementation. It’s quite easy to create a set of rules for the security interceptor to validate against. See here:

I’m not sure where we stand on multi-tenancy yet, but I imagine that will be discussed more in the future…

I’ll be at cf.Objective(), can’t speak for anyone else :slight_smile:


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply. Makes sense. Is there a way though that I could build the admin tool for say a job board management app within contentbox in order to centralize the admin ui for various parts of the site, and then be able to use that module or widget in other site instances that use contentbox?


Nolan Dubeau

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