HTMLHelper - pass in classnames

Hi there - wondering if there is any way (or any plans) to pass in
classnames to be rendered using htmlHelper?

ie. #html.submitButton(value="Save",classnames="button save

which would render:
<input value="Save" type="submit" class="button save
some_custom_classname" />

If not, I'd be willing to submit it - can someone point me in the
direction of a "how to submit a change to coldbox" document?


I don't use the HTMLHelper but I peaked at the code and it looks like
it flattens arguments into HTML attributes. So:

#html.submitButton(value="Save",class="button save

Should work.

As far as contributing code, get on GitHub if you aren't already there
and fork a repo! (see pull requests):

Also helpful:

If you are on Windows & Eclipse make sure you are using Unix line
delimiters and have autocrlf = false set in your git settings

That will save you massive frustration.


Excellent, thanks.
And phew.. dodged a GIT bullet (mercurial person talking)
And why didn't I think of that! look at the source code. sheesh.. come
one Steve!