i am experiencing a weird problem

I think I have discovered a glitch with ColdFusion so please excuse me posting this on Coldbox discussions but I wanted to confirm the problem first.

What is happening is that I set my Application.CFC in the root of my ColdBox app to SessionTimeout after 1 hour. However in ColdFusion Admin (CFIDE) I set the max timeout period to 5 minutes by accident.

The problem came in when my session data dies after 5 minutes when using the ColdBox SessionStorage plugin however the IsUserLoggedIn() is still true. I believe the glitch is that ColdFusion’s isn’t properly handling the session timeout stuff the same way as it does with the rest of the functions.

I am running ColdFusion 9.01 and latest ColdBox github download on Windows 7 64bit everything.

Is anyone able to confirm this? I think you should be able to replicate this by changing Session Timeout (Max) in CFIDE to some period of time lower than what your Application.cfc is set to timeout.

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The session timeout in your application should override the CF Admin setting.
So, are you saying that after 5 minutes, the session scope is empty?

Are you using jSessionID? Can you confirm if you receive a new session ID after 5 minutes?

What is your “loginStorage” setting in your application? I think it defaults to cookie which could mean that a user is still correctly logged in even though their session data has left for the night if your loginTimout setting on cflogin is longer than your session timeout. I believe cflogin’s timeout defaults to half an hour.



I might be wrong, but I believe that you can only override the default session duration up to, but not exceeding the max session timeout you set in the cfide.

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