I want to render a list of files that have been uploaded using RenderView and Viewlets

In the view


In the Viewlet
<cfset runEvent(event=‘viewlets.fileAttachmentList’,private=true)>

How do I pass the RC values I want to be able to make sure I only get the files uploaded by this person?

or is this not possible this way?


YOu mean pass variables into a view or into an event?

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I have

rc.uploadedFileList with the list of file ID’s in it. I just want the view to call the handler and call the database object so display a list of the files that have been updated.

I hope that makes sense. I am getting a headache it might be something simple I am just overlooking.

Well remember that the rc is a request based collection. Meaning anything that happens in ther request has accessed to it.

Meanin if in your view you call a handler then the rc is the same. So just use it

Thanks that did work. I guess I should have just tried it instead of worrying that would not work like that. LOL.