i18n - get Texts from database instead of flat file

I'm looking for a way to load i18n-Resource bundles out from a
database instead of a properties-file. Has anybody done this?

Yes I beleive several people have done this.

I would be very interested in this.

Luis, would we need to override the ResourceBundle plugin to
accomplish this? Would an extension do the job?

Yes bill, it would be using the new 3.0.0 extensions. Basically, just create your own ResourceBundle plugin and place it here:


That will make it override core plugins. You can also choose the location of the coldbox extensions by setting a new setting called: “ColdBoxExtensionsLocation” which should be a dot notation base path: “coldbox.system.extensions”

This works much like eclipse dropins features.

Hope this helps.

That means, copy the ResourceBundle.cfc from "coldbox\system\plugins"
to "coldbox\system\extensions\plugins"? And then modify the method
"getResourceBundle" so that keys and values will be filled up from the
database? How do I pass the database information? Can I set values
that can be accessed from these plugin methods? (sorry for this
beginner question)
The "ColdBoxExtensionsLocation" can also be different for each
application and be located in the webroot, not in the coldbox system-
tree? It could be dangerous to modify within the core coldbox-
directory tree, and not so update-friendly...

I've tried to set the "ColdBoxExtensionsLocation" within the config
file (I'm using 3.0 beta 2), but always get the error "The config.xml
file does not validate with the framework's schema". Do I have to
validate against another schema? (now, it's http://www.coldbox.org/schema/config_3.0.0.xsd).
Or how can I use this setting?

use nightly build, these changes where done in nightly build.

Now; in beta3, I've seen that ColdBoxExtensionsLocation is now
accepted. How can I define that this mapping is be relative to the
Application webroot, not to the coldbox root?