IE 8 issue

I am running my code fine on all the browsers except for IE8. In IE 8 it takes me to time out and generate 302 error temporarily relocated

Please advice

Stop using IE. It will never work correctly no matter what you do, so stop wasting your time trying.


well I need to dmake sure my app is working on all the browsers including the IE

The IE doesn’t work. You can’t make it work. It’s not controllable by you.

it is only IE8 the ie 9 , and ie 10 works just fine

Lol – The IE does suck.

However, you should be able to make it work – and if you’re developing for enterprise, you have to make it work.

OmniErik – sounds possible your security settings in IE8 are different.

If you use IE 9/10 and switch to IE8 in the developer console, does it work then?

Tutorial for the IE fix:

if I am using IE10 and switching to IE8 in developer console then it works

Sounds like you have cookies disabled on the instance of IE8 you’re testing on

Cookies is enabled

Well if it works in IE10 in IE8 mode, then it’s something to do with your IE8 instance, not IE8 in general. Test on another machine or VM.

I tried multiple PC the result was the same