I'm back, and thanks Luis!

Hey Luis, I've popped back on the list again after unsubscribing for a
while this summer when I was out of the country. (I know, it was
probably nice without me... :slight_smile:

At any rate, the purpose of this post is simply to report that at work
we finally released a new version of our site which upgraded us from
2.6.3 to 3 M4 and it is running great. I wanted to thank you (and the
community) for your hard work on ColdBox!


Thanks Brad and glad you are back, right in time!! We need to verify all of 3.0.0 as I want to release RC1 by the weekend. I am finalizing wirebox 1.0 and it can be found in its own branch. Still work in progress. But for you curious eyes, it is there.
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